July 24, 2008

The flow

Turns out Mamma Mia is still fabulous. And still hilarious. And still makes me want to run away to a Greek Island and dance along a pier with my best friends and possibly Pierce Brosnan and/or Colin Firth. Le sigh.

As day one of a holiday goes, today has been pretty good. I've done all the errands bar one. I've done most of the housework. All of the laundry. Thought about what to pack. Did Mamma Mia. And then, I succumbed to the siren song of this book and sat down and now I have fifteen pages already and I really like it and it's all flowing beautifully. Contrary muses. I'm meant to be having a break. Not getting sucked in to another whole new world. But one argues with the flow at one's peril so I guess there will be more typing tomorrow and I guess I'll be taking a laptop with me to San Fran....

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