July 19, 2008

Getting closer

Well, I got through another chapter today. I wanted to do two but somehow the day got sucked up in collecting my tickets for SF (yay), running secret errands with the VT (yay) and then you know, watching Dr Horrible (yay), learning how to use garage band to make iPhone ringtones (yay) and napping (working Fridays makes me tired - boo).

Plus these chapters are WORK. I added 9 pages to this one and probably cut two pages worth of stuff, so that's a solid chunk of work. I'd usually be happy with 11 pages on a full writing day. Plus I had to go back and thread a few things in some earlier ones. Each chapter I revise leads to some other tweaking as the muse goes "aha" and "eureka" and then issues orders. Which is how it is supposed to be.

I'd really like to go see Mamma Mia again tomorrow but am not allowing myself the treat unless I get two chapters done, which will leave me a little behind schedule but hopefully able to finish Tuesday. So I'd better take myself off to bed (seven more sleeps (yay yay yay) so I can get up nice and early.

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