September 12, 2008


Well I have made some progress, though in a somewhat thwarted and annoying way (so the death metal being played by one of my neighbours is not improving my mood...I'm about to blast back with something designed to be just as annoying to Abba).

I have achieved half the grocery shopping after parking at my regular spot at the mall only to discover that the lift isn't working so I couldn't do all the shopping or wouldn't be able to carry it up the stairs (nothing sensible like a ramp exists). Went to the chemist to stock up on my moisturiser only to find it's been discontinued. I have somewhat sensitive skin that gets dehydrated at work yet is slightly oiler and I'm fair and live in Australia-land-of-skin-cancer so I need something with a sunscreen but am allergic to some sunscreens. Which makes choosing a new moisturiser fun.

I was using Nivea which has always suited my skin but they've done away with mine and all the new lines come in pots (I like moisturisers in tubes or pumps...much more hygienic). Their one other tubey kind is too heavy for me in warmer weather. This is where I start to gnash teeth and wish I lived in the US because we just don't get all the ranges they get. We don't get Aveeno moisturisers (I use their handcream and bodywash which we do get), we don't get a LOT of the Neutrogena stuff (only the oil free range and oil free, despite my slightly oily skin just doesn't cut it for me at work in the air-conditioning these days). I finally settled on the sensitive version of the Olay Complete (their regular kind made me itch but this seems to have different sunscreens so fingers crossed). If this makes me itch then who knows what I'll end up with. I really don't want to have to go to a department store brand because god knows Australians get ripped off by cosmetic and skin care prices (all the department store stuff is at least 50% more expensive here) and I've never really found a department store moisturiser that made my skin feel any better than my good old Nivea despite periodic experiments.

To cheer myself up I looked for a new top for potential party wear. Promptly discovered that the spring fashions seem designed to make me look pregnant. Lots of prints and florals (I've never been a fan of florals of the tiny busy kind) and peasant stuff. I know. Whine. Whine. Whine. I did find some pretty earrings at Diva, source of always cool good costume stuff, so one score.

And now, let's see if I can work off the crankys with some housework.

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