September 12, 2008


It's birthday season here in Melbourne. Four out of six lulus have their birthdays in August or September and all four of my best friends have their birthdays in September or October. Leos and Virgos and Librans, oh my. This week it was the birthday of the lovely VT and next week, it's moi.

So I am busy cleaning house and planning my very low key birthday bash for tomorrow night. I survived the first week back at work, though have come down with a case of the itchies so I'm thinking that whatever it is that my tolerance to whatever it is that makes me itch (which I think is something at work) has lowered a bit while I was away. Hopefully a few days of Claramax will get me through it.

I was thinking I might buy myself Spore for my birthday but apparently it won't run on Mac Minis (even though my mini is only a month or so old) or some Macbooks even though it would run on a Windows machine with the same specs. Plus it seems to have atrocious DRM. So boo to that. I bought the iPhone version which is fun but doesn't have the stages that really interest me. I think I'm better at games on the iPhone - my male roomies always used to laugh at me on the Nintendo because I move the controller around...on the iPhone, that's a good thing. I was apparently just ahead of my time. And after a bit of time tooling around on it, the girls did seem to be throwing up some interesting ideas for the wip (and giving me a not so good nightmare last night...I'm pretty sure it was story related anyway). I tend to resist computer games because of the time suck factor but maybe some time suck is what they want right now....

Anyway, I am left without a suitable present for myself...I might just have to go shopping and see what catches my eye.


Deb Allen said...

Happy birthday Mel!

Mel said...

Thanks Deb : )