September 18, 2008

Friday thirteen

Just because I was listening to the radio and something that made me kind of nostalgic came on.

Thirteen of my favourite artists or albums (er Rock/Pop/Country category):

U2: The Joshua Tree (for the sense of joy and exaltation in the music that just makes me happy) and Achtung Baby (for memories of waiting in Bourke Street at midnight to buy it then listening late and night and falling in love with Bono's voice all over again)

Sunday Mornings and Saturday Nights: Matraca Berg (an album I listened to over and over writing one of my books and still don't get tired of)

Melissa Etheridge: Melissa Etheridge/Yes I am

Barenaked Ladies: Gordon. Goes from silliness to heartbreak all with gorgeous harmonies and contains "If I had a million dollars" a song to be sung with a friend whilst drinking margaritas on warm summer nights.

The Getaway: Chris de Burgh (I blame my mother but he does write great story songs which just happen to hook me in)

Abba: Abba Gold (I'll pick this as it hits most of the high spots. Because I'm an child of seventies Australia, that's why)

Pink: I'm Not Dead (for releasing an album that is spot on for one of my heroines and for being a generally fabulous in your face rock chick)

Robbie Williams: The Ego has Landed/Escapology (for a fabulous voice and being ridiculously charismatic live aka HOT)

Wham: The Final (because I was also a teenager in the eighties)

Mary Chapin Carpenter: Stones in the Road (more beautiful story songs)

The Dixie Chicks: Taking the Long Way Round (for standing up and generally rocking)

Chris Isaak: Wicked Games/Always Got Tonight (for smooth sexy heartbreak and being, you know, generally hilarious and easy on the eyes)

Damien Rice: O (for not so smooth heartbreak)

And this list could go way over thirteen so I'll just stop there...

Or maybe I could add Thirteen of my favourite albums (Instrumental/Electronic/Soundtrack category):

Adam Hurst: Passages (Haunting cello over a drone)

Moby: Play

Lisa Gerrard: The Mirror Pool (Mostly for Sanvean but it's all beautiful)

Rodrigo y Gabriela: Rodrigo y Gabriela (Brilliant spanish guitar)

Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End (More book crack for my werewolves)

Gotan Project: La Revancha del Tango (Sexy tango electronica)

Ottmar Liebert: Winter Rose (Christmas with guitar)

Buffy the Musical (Well, because Joss is God and can write musicals)

Delerium: Archives Vol 1 (Book crack for witches)

The Last of the Mohicans (First film soundtrack I ever fell in love with)

Local Hero (Moody celtic as done by Mark Knopfler)

The Lion King (Because everyone just can't wait to be king and needs to remember Hakuna Matata lol)

Rent: Original Broadway recording and the movie. (It needs no reason, it's just great)

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