August 07, 2008

There's no place like home (or at least your own pillow)

I am back and the trip home was uneventful. No delays, a reasonable amount of sleep on the flight and the person picking me up from the airport remembered to turn up.

I'm a bit tired, seem to have a mountain of laundry to do and have the requisite long flight puffy ankles but otherwise feel no where near as exhausted as I did coming back from Dallas. I'm declaring a couple of days for pottering around, reading, napping, laundry, downloading photos, writing if I feel like it etc then it's time to kick on with the wip and do revisions. Expect random blogging until my brain kicks back in.

In a fit of semi-vituosity I've already been for a walk and done laundry today (and did more laundry and a little grocery shopping yesterday).

And the best bit...I'm still on vacation for a month : )

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