August 19, 2008


This was the writing plan back near the start of the year:

Priority 1 project: Witch 1
Priority 2 projects: Progressing Wolf 3, another pass at Wolf 2
Noodle projects: Everything else

Noodle projects are the ones you mess around with when the girls need a break. Or when you get an idea that won't go away or just for know.

Current progress:

Witch 1 - 3 drafts done and out there
Wolf 2 draft 3 - started and not yet finished
Wolf 3 - still in my head
Everything else - mostly noodling except for the new book

Current plan for the next five months or so:

Priority 1 projects - First draft of the current wip, finish Wolf 2 pass
Priority 2 projects - Vague plots for Wolf 3, Witch 2 and maybe a few chaps of them
Noodle projects: Everything else

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