August 09, 2008


I have my revisions from Miriam so I will be off pondering and reworking for a while. Nothing too major (yay) but there's some stuff to chew on. Dixie chicks, here I come (unless the girls decide they want something else entirely).

To entertain yourselves while I'm polishing and slicing and honing, check out The Australian Romance Reader, a new romance site launched by the lovely Kate Cuthbert this week. It's going to be a fab place to hang out if you're an Aussie lover of romance.

Other tasks for this week - assemble my costume for the Romance Writers of Australia conference cocktail party, reacquaint myself with my elliptical trainer and watch some Olympics. Thankfully my jetlag has been minimal (so either the homeopathic stuff I tried help or just the sheer fact that I actually had time to adjust to my destination time zone before I came back (which hasn't really happened my last two overseas trips) has helped). There's been a couple of awake in the middle of the nights but only for an hour at most rather than my usual 2-3 hours. So yay. Hopefully my brain is nice and rested and I can sort out the witch and her story while convincing the new two to hold on a bit....we'll see.

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