August 02, 2008

The rest of Thursday

So. Thursday was busy. I had lunch with Miriam, who really liked the new book, so that was a good start. I'll have a few revisions to do when I get home but then we'll start the submission process with it. Yay! Go weirdo witchy demon techno book. We talked books and Top Gear and various cool things besides my book and ate very yummy mahi mahi (at least I did).

Then I did some workshops in the afternoon. Including SEP's Six Magic Words which wasn't taped last year and I missed going to then, so was happy I got there this time. She's a great speaker and had good advice.

After workshops a quick dash back to Out the Door for more rice paper rolls on the grounds they are healthy (and not a hamburger) and I was going to the Golden Network dessert reception afterwards so needed something vaguely resembling nutrition.

The dessert reception was fun (and I ran into Miriam again who was trying to be a clone and attend about five different events at once). It was great to see four Aussies get booted to alumni status (you get booted from TGN when you sell). So yay for Anna Campbell, Christine Wells, Bronwyn Parry and Tracey O'Hara.

After all that, I headed back to the room and decided an earlyish night might be in order. I did get invited to drinks but was already in bed reading, so passed. Given today will be just as busy, that might have been a wise decision.


Sussan Marz said...

Very encouraging news for you about your book :-). Hope all goes well with the submission process.

Robyn E said...

I was trying to be all cool and pretend i knew what mahi mahi was -- but i have no clue!! what is this foreign delicacy???

Mel said...

Thanks Sussan : )

And Ms R, mahi mahi is yummy fish...kind of like hmmm, john dory maybe. Not as meaty as something like barramundi but still substantial?