October 19, 2007


Wow, that week went by FAST. I don't even remember what happened except for weird changeable weather and lots of working. Oh and I bought a new bike. To replace my old, never very comfortable bike with the cunning plan of actually going for the odd ride because it's not painful. Just to give ourselves another exercise option. We shall see.

Today it's a beautiful spring day, sunny, mild. Am off to lunch with a friend down by the beach, so I need to do some writing first...sorry, this is possibly the world's most boring blog post.

Given the week has flown by I haven't achieved much actual writing but I've been thinking about my book and even found my antagonist first person brain dump telling her backstory I did ages ago which is helpful given there's not enough of that in the draft at the moment. Now it's time to start hacking and slashing.

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