October 28, 2007

Even the weekends are going fast

So Friday there was a visit to the chiropractor which made me verrrrry sleeepppy the rest of the day and I ended up veging and napping before going to see the Indigo Girls (who rock) with the VT.

Yesterday there was shopping with the Mum which was fun but expensive.

Today I need to do my tax return. Which involves sorting the paperwork that hasn't been sorted in um, awhile. Plus daylight savings started today which means I'm running an hour later than I thought I was. Sigh. And also means I'll be tired and bumping into things at work. I'm not good with the first week of daylight savings (as evidenced by the fact that I got up when my bedside clock said 8.30, sat down at the computer to check email, checked the clock on the computer a little time later, say it said 9.47 and thought "man, that hour went fast" rather than "man, I forgot to put my alarm clock forward an hour".


Robyn E said...

as long as you don't rock up to work wearing different coloured shoes, i'll count it a triumph.

Mel said...

Shoes were same colour! Go me.

Pity about forgetting the laptop and having to come back home and work at home for the day LOL