October 14, 2007

What I did on the weekend.

Mostly this:

I like it. And I learned stuff from it, which is good. It's s ice and summery for napping. Though I'm thinking a darker border might be good to give some space around all that pattern. Will have to wait until I get a chance to take it into a fabric store and try some things. And I've cut the strips for the quilt I originally wanted to make (well, the main part of it) so progress (only 9 months or so since I decided I wanted to try it lol). Of course I still have to do backing and get it quilted and do binding etc but it's a step.

Thanks to the VT for the gentle nudge : )

Plus all that sewing time cleared the head and let the subconscious work away on the revision so I'm hoping some stuff will have sorted itself out when I tackle that this week.

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