October 06, 2007


Saturday is always a good day. There has been washing and exercise achieved. Before 9.30 am!! And I'm off to lulus at Chris's house, which also involves a trip to the tarot reader so we can all find out what's coming up in the year ahead. I'm hoping for Nathan Fillion (sorry, been on a firefly jag) and maybe a book sale or too but we shall see : ))

I wonder if she would've foreseen my sudden urge for a haircut. Maybe I shouldn't wander around the mall when I'm bored on a Friday night and am feeling a little over my old hairdresser. Net result, I've lost about four inches of hair (and my hair was only mid shoulder blade sort of length), gained some quite short layers and my head is much lighter due to the hairdresser employing the time honoured technique for dealing with my fine but helluva-lot-of-it, sometimes wavy, temperamental hair, namely texturising the crap out it. I have successfully employed the product this morning and now have flippy, kicky, piece-y hair. Slightly too short perhaps but that will rectify itself.

Last night I dreamed about one of my wips, so maybe all that hair was weighing down the girls....

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