October 08, 2007


The quick first revision pass of Wolf 2 which was meant to take a week or so took somewhat longer. I finally had to take the muse to one side and give her a swift smack and re-explain the concept of quick polish to get it into first read shape which she was interpreting as "nitpick every line to death". But it is done now and in the hands of the trusty first reader. Which means I have to play with something else.

Choosing something should be fairly straightforward, particularly as I was planning to play with a particular scary book. But when I did an inventory I have something like eight wips in various stages of first draft, revising and thinking about. That's books that have all been worked on this year. Gah. I'm not counting very messy first drafts of at least three other short contemps I have lying around somewhere. Eight. How did that happen? That's the problem with ADD muses. And trying to write more than one thing. You freak out occasionally when you count up the wips...and then have to convince yourself that freaking out is probably another way of avoiding the scary book.

So for the next few weeks I'm trying to limit myself to mainly the scary book with digressions to my next Blaze idea and my other urban fantasy idea when things get to scary. I have the soundtrack...which is weird for me. Lots of instrumental stuff amongst the songs. And lots of world/new age/vaguely middle eastern/oriental sounding stuff. Dead Can Dance and Vas and even Secret Garden. Plus some drone and cello courtesy of Adam Hurst and Sarah McLachlan, David Gray, Robbie Williams and Rufus Wainwright. That should confuse the muse nicely. I'm not quite ready to collage it yet. I have the pictures - or the start of them. Some placeholders which are in the ballpark but no real urge to do much more than shift them around the page a bit. More avoidance.

When you're trying something new and you've been thinking about it for a long time and have a big shiny thing in your head, sometimes it feels like standing on the edge of cliff. And the rocks down below are big and sharp. And somebody forgot the net and safety harness. There will no doubt be whining but I'm going to do it anyway.

Letitsuk, hear my prayer : )

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