July 13, 2007

The voyage of the damned

Yes, so that whole leaving on a jetplane thing should've been leaving on a jetplane after about four hours of delays due to fog. Which meant we missed our flight in NZ, got put on a later one (where sleep was limited due to screaming babies and snoring seatmates (no, not Keri)) which then meant we missed our connection to Dallas (no thanks to Air NZ who closed their interline desk before everyone from a plane half full of rescheduled passengers had cleared customs). By the time we got to the AA terminal, we'd missed the flight we'd been rebooked on. But squeaked in on standby for the next (2 1/2 hour later flight). Final arrival time in Texas was about 12.30 am Wednesday morning. Which meant bedtime was 2am. Two slightly tired Aussies arrived at the conference hotel yesterday but we did manage to buy cowboy boots, so all is not lost : ) And navigated the literacy signing and other events.

It's hot, darn hot, here in Dallas. So sightseeing will be limited. Today the conference starts in earnest....so more later


Keziah Hill said...

Sympathy on the fog Mel. I flew into Melbourne on Tuesday and was late for a job interview but saved by the wonderful Anne Gracie. Good luck on Saturday!

Blue Tyson said...

Better than having to stay overnight in a crappy motel in Auckland or somewhere at least.

Someone told me about a chick-lit/romance superhero novel called Karma Girl, too, btw. Think it might be recent or upcoming.