July 18, 2007

Slight more awake

Okay, after sleeping close to fifteen hours yesterday afternoon and last night, I'm almost awake. Melbourne has turned on its coldest July weather in ten years as a welcome home...lucky us. My inevitable conf sore throat has improved a lot today, so I'm planning more napping and reading and hopefully I'll be even more awake tomorrow.

In the meantime, some pics...

The fabulous Bron Clarke after winning her GH!!

The aussie contingent at the GH/RITA reception - Marion Lennox, me and Bron

Moi with my GH certificates

Keri showing her dark side or 'don't let a NYT bestselling author sneak up on you' lol

Keri and our fab agent Miriam in Fort Worth

An armadillo (which makes more sense if you heard Lisa Kleypas speak at RWA) - this one is quite possibly a writer drowning his sorrows : ))

Two very sleepy writers on the flight from Auckland to Melbourne yesterday

That's all for now!

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