July 08, 2007


Less than forty eight hours until I get on the plane.

Had a minor virgo brain induced stress out yesterday but since then have organised most of my stuff (just the good old US dollars to buy tomorrow) and calmed down.

My pitch is still annoying me but I've still got tomorrow and then three days at National to practice. So all is good. I'm trying to avoid taking my giant case but looking at the pile of stuff that is growing on my smaller case, I'm not sure that's possible. I'm not the world's lightest packer. And I'm not sure how you can pack lightly for something that involves several separate evening events, pitching, a full on formal award ceremony and cold hotels indoors and Texas summer outdoors without ending up paying a fortune for hotel laundering. I'll take another run through the pile tomorrow and discard some things hopefully before the final case decision is made.

Today in my continuing efforts at distraction, I had a lovely breakfast with the VT and hubby at the Commoner in Fitzroy (lovely middle eastern influenced breakfast food - highly recommended) then dropped in on other friends to meet their new kitten (who is adorable though at that crazy zap-around-and-change-your-mind-about-what-to-do0-every-five-seconds pounce and bounce kitten stage (and I have cute teeny tiny kitten claw marks to prove it). My two seem practically comatose in comparison. Then I came home, did a bit more pitch wrangling, read the last part of the fabulous Chris's wip and even did some exercise. Go me. Tonight is McDreamy night, so yay. Now if only I convince myself I don't really want a hamburger for dinner.

Tomorrow, I pack for real and then probably freak out. Maybe a movie would be good....

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