July 13, 2007

Quick report

Apart from developing a severe dislike of freight trains (my room is on the side of the hotel which is next to a station), Dallas has been great fun so far. I've only done a few workshops (mostly the pro retreat) because yesterday afternoon was workshop free. Which turned into nap time for me and Keri.

Today I'm doing a few this morning then having lunch with Miriam, followed by the GH/RITA reception this afternoon, so busy, busy. I'm hoping my 4pm nap urge doesn't kick in today because I'm sure falling asleep at the GH/RITA reception is not the way to impress : )

Tomorrow is the nervewracking day - pitching then the GH/RITA ceremony in the evening. In between I can squeeze in a few more workshops to keep my mind off things.

More details coming when I return!

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