July 22, 2007

Over it

Okay, I'm officially over jetlag. I thought I'd gotten past the worst of it but last night had another bout of wide awake from roughly 3 to 6. Given I went to bed about one and got up about 9, that equals unhappy camper. Yes, I've read a ridiculous amount of books this week but I'd rather be asleep. Today I've been determined not to nap so as to be sleepy tonight...after all it's back to the day job tomorrow. And being sleep deprived apparently sends the girls into deep deep hibernation. So today has been visiting folks, housework and some RWAus stuff. Pretty much your typical Sunday...except for the only five hours or so sleep bit. I've never had jetlag this bad coming in this direction before, usually I'm worse going over. I wonder if it's because I hadn't really adjusted to the US time then turned around and came back. Yet another reason to spend more time in SF next year.

On another note, HP 7 all done, I am offically safe from spoiler fiends and as I do not wish to be a poopy spoiler fiend, I am making no comments. I think I need to go back and read the whole series again.

And hey, they're making a movie of the Dark is Rising which is one of my all time favourite YA fantasy books (and series). If you have little HP addicts who are sad about not having any more fixes coming their way, try them on Susan Cooper (which I guess is kind of the point of the timing of the film...that and the Golden Compass which looks cool in the trailer).


Keziah Hill said...

Hey Mel, it's just occurred to me. Jet lag is good training for menopause. Some thing to look forward to (not.)

Bronwyn Parry said...

I haven't done too bad with the jetlag, but I had to get myself back into routine straight away as I went back to the chaos of the day job on Wednesday. I'm still tired in the evenings, and then waking up for a while in the wee small hours, but it's gradually easing.

I'm looking forward to the Dark is Rising movie - I loved the books, read them all years ago, and still dip back into them occasionally.

I still haven't read HP6, so I'm a bit behind - but I'll get to it, sometime!

Mel said...

Gee, Kez, you know how to cheer a gal up! : )

And Bron, I reread Susan Cooper at least once a year. Glad to hear you haven't been as bad as me jetlag-wise though I pretty much slept through last night. Off to work now, so we'll see how well I get through the day!

Blue Tyson said...

You seen the Dark is Rising trailer? It looks truly horrible.

GH/RITA sounds like some biological research team's investigation.


Mel said...

I thought it looked okay except the guy who I assume is Merry is wrong... we shall have to see. But not many movies of books are high on my list of great things so we shall see!