January 20, 2007

Steam heat

In keeping with my 2007 indulgences and resolutions I had my first shiatsu massage yesterday. Which was interesting because bits of it were a lot stronger than I'd expected shiatsu to be but I feel fab today so I guess that's the point. Plus I got to have a girly lunch playing with skin care at Dermalogica and scored some samples and a discount voucher so facial here we come. So far the verdict on their stuff is two thumbs up. Especially as the info session was free and they didn't sell anything on the spot, none of this booking fee redeemable on purchase stuff that most places have. Plus the skin seems happy. I still love my SKII facial essence and masks but their moisturiser didn't quite work for me, so I'm trying this instead.

I even had a free sauna courtesy of Melbourne's suddenly tropically steamy weather. Ridiculously humid even though it wasn't that hot. Today it's a bit cooler but less humid. And it has been raining on and off for two days which is excellent. Apart from the places getting floods.

And now, in the interests of progressing the resolutions, time to go work on advancing those progress bars!


Keziah Hill said...

I'm dying up here in the Mountains. Only good for watching the tennis and drinking beer.

Mel said...

Falling back on wine and Clive Owen movies down here. Though it's definitely cooler now...but I worked up an impressive sweat in a very short time on the elliptical trainer earlier : )