January 16, 2007


It's hot. Damn hot. Not helped by bushfires cutting powerlines and killing the air con on and off.

Hopefully it stays on tonight so I can have the fan. Otherwise there'll be lots of cranky people tomorrow. And I'll be writing by hand in the dark. I can't read my handwriting when I write with light so who knows how this will end.

Stay cool, people.


Blue Tyson said...

For power failures, you can get a keyboard for your palm.

It would at least last a bit for the backlight. :0)

No Jack Nicholson nudity here I hope?
: WIP - Wolf


Mel said...

And now I have to scrub my mind out. Jack has never been my idea of hot, even though he's a good actor lol. No naked Jack Nicholson in my books!!

I have an alphasmart so that's good for no power. Though it isn't backlit. Might have to checkout the palm keyboard thing at some point.