January 05, 2007

A cool way to start the day

I have to say when Ms Keri rocks, she rocks hard. Check this out...the paperback of Full Moon Rising has been out a week and it's 101 on the USA Today bestseller list! Because it's a great book that's why...so go check it out if you're into the paranormal. Or even if you're not.

It will even be out in Australia and the UK in paperback later this year for those of us not in the US.

Go Keri, go Keri, go Keri.

My friend is a best seller. That's pretty cool. I mean, I've met some best sellers before but this one I get to read her stuff before anyone else and she reads mine and I've eaten chocolate with her, partied with her, shared a room with her in various locales and watched her work damn hard at her writing. Success couldn't happen to a nicer gal!

If I had a LJ I'd have to say my mood was mucho chuffed : )


Kez said...

your turn will come, Mz Mel. Wolfie is good

and thank you for the rave :)

Mel said...

You're most welcome : ) you deserve it!