March 19, 2006

Technology Part 2. Or “if it’s not broken, don’t FIX it”.

Ah technology. The thing that supposedly makes our lives easier. HAH.
Not only am I composing this on Word for later posting because blogger is down but the saga of digital TV continues.

I duly travelled to the local mall to buy a longer RF cable. Check. Along with a few other things and the groceries. Colour me organised and feeling virtuous.

Get home. Read set top box manual (well, read the one measly diagram that shows how to connect your VCR). Follow diagram with much bending and twisting and prodding of cables through teeny holes in entertainment unit. Switch on VCR. Back to blue screen of death. Sigh.

Check TV. Still working. Check diagram. Have done what it said to do. Jiggle cables, perform short appeasement dance to the technology gods and try again.

Blue screen of death.

Say “BUGGER” several times. Loudly. Scaring cat in process. Create voodoo doll of instructional manual designers and commence with the pin poking. Childish fit over, sit down and google the darn thing. Find another diagram.

A-ha. There’s a whole ‘nother connection needed to hook up VCR for analogue signal. Sigh loudly. Apply more pins with more vigour.

Find original VCR cable, pray it’s long enough and with more bending, twisting and prodding, complete second connection. Turn on VCR again. Hallelujah. It works.

But hang on, that was all too easy. Relatively speaking. Flick through channels on VCR. Note that some of them are notably fuzzier than they were before. Recommence swearing and go back to google. Find Australian government website on digital TV. Apparently this is common. The digital program signal can interfere with the analogue. Either retune VCR or connect digitally. Only hitch being if we connect digitally we can’t tape something and watch something else (which is the main purpose of my VCR thanks to the annoying programmers of Australian TV who insist on scheduling good shows on different channels at the same time).

Sigh, sigh, sigh. Ignore little voice saying “you know, all this time you could have been WRITING”.

Thought of retuning VCR with new TV, new set top box and approximately 3 million remote controls making head hurt. Pause to eat chocolate and vent in blog. Blogger down.


Decide two crappy extra channels not worth all this hassle. Plan B. Return things to how they were.

Set top box about to go back in cupboard until there is enough benefit to digital TV to make all this worthwhile. Hopefully by that time I’ll be able to afford the sort of set top box arrangement that records programs. I’m sure that will be simple. NOT.

Excuse me, I have to go find more voodoo dolls and pins.

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