March 05, 2006

Paying the rent

I finished my three chapters so I rewarded my muse with a trip to the movies and went to see Rent. I've seen the theatrical version twice, once in London and once in Melbourne and loved it from the first few notes. Loved the movie too. It's different but I think they did a good job. A movie and a musical are always going to be different but they each have strengths. Much like the difference between a mini-series and a feature length film. There can be two great versions of Pride and Prejudice and there can be two great versions of Rent. And the music still breaks my heart at times.

But what always gets me about Rent is the message. Not just in the story but from the writer. Who died, age 36, the day of its first off-Broadway dress rehearsal. So he never got to see his show in full glory. The message? Don't wait. Go big. Chase dreams. Hold tight to the ones who are important to you. Sure, you've gotta pay the rent and some dues and work hard and hang in there when it seems out of reach and take the scary leaps but you might just end up with something wonderful.

No day but today.

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