August 19, 2007

Things you learn when you have the flu

1. You still know all the words to every song in the Rocky Horror Picture Show even if you haven't watched it for years. And Frank's entrance and opening song in the movie is still fabulous aka Tim Curry rocks.

2. Even when you start to think you're feeling better, a thirty minute slow walk around the grocery store will make you feel exhausted.

3. Your body doesn't understand "I'm sick, eat healthy." It wants carbs. Plain white sugary carbs. Lemonade and white toast.

4. Sleep is your friend.

5. The girls will not let you write the wild one night stand scene while your brain is goop.

6. You need more books.

7. Polar fleece dressing gowns are wonderful.

8. Watching Mansfield Park will confused you and make you think "I'm not sure I remember that in the story". You will then discover Mansfield Park is the one Jane Austen you don't own so you will not be able to read it again to check.

9. Sleep is still your friend.

10. You will not be able to think of a tenth thing for your list because your brain is goop.

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