August 05, 2007

So little time

Two day weekends just aren't long enough. I mean, it's Sunday already and all I got done yesterday was:

Take the orange cat to the vet for his anti-inflammatory jab;
Organise a birthday present for the sil;
Post sil's birthday card;
See my mum;
Buy a corded phone;
Use said corded phone to figure out that my cordless phone, which keeps dropping the signal is probably dying because the corded phone works just fine;
In the above process also figure out that maybe I had my adsl filter set up wrong which makes me wonder exactly what the filter does if everything was working fine;
Have a nap;
Do some grocery shopping;
Read some feedback on my revision;
Make a cake for lulus;
Watch Dr Who and Thank you for smoking (both good);
Worked out what to take for critting.

Which is quite a bit I guess but doesn't really progress the actual housework type chores and today is lulus and a trek way out to the country aka Keri's house : ).

On the plus side I have done all of the above while not stuffing up my french manicure (which I got done in a rare fit of girlyness on friday night). Of course it would be more sensible to get it done just before conference but hey, the person who does my nails is on holiday now. And I ordered a free sample of some of this which looks great (I've tried one mineral foundation and quite liked it but this has a bigger range and is easier on the wallet). More girlyness.

And now, I have to hustle, the countryside is calling

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