August 17, 2007

Still bugged

Starting to feel a little better but the last few days have largely featured sleeping, coughing and reading in bed before falling asleep yet again. When I'm sick I tend to re-read things, so I've been visiting with Fast Women (Jenny Crusie), Monstrous Regiment (Terry Pratchett), The Perfect Kiss (Anne Gracie) and Desperate Duchesses (Eloisa James). All good books for when you're sick.

This morning I've managed to stagger out of bed to take the grey cat to get more blood siphoned to check her thyroid levels and put some washing on but now I'm getting that washed-out, more sleep required virusy feeling again. So I think it's back to bed for me.

Though Quickflix did just deliver a few more episodes of maybe I can compromise and lie on the couch instead. I'm loving Rome (which I didn't watch the first time round because it was shown, in typical Australian commercial TV this-is-different-and-possibly-requires-thinking-so-let's-mess-with-it fashion, all over the place at seemingly random times. And while the story is entertaining enough, what I'm really enjoying is the world. All the little touches, the odd religious rituals, the household icons, the graffiti on the walls, the differences between rich and poor. All stuff I knew about Rome in that time period but they've evoked a whole world beautifully. I can see why they couldn't afford to keep making it. Luckily, as writers, it doesn't cost us anything but time and effort to find those little details that can wake up a scene and make a created world seem real to the reader.


Keziah Hill said...

I've got it now. When I can lift my head I'm reading Harlan Coben on the couch.

Mel said...

You gotta give it props for being a tenacious little sucker....couch and books for everyone!

Robyn E said...

rest up you!
i can't believe i don't have it, but i'm keeping my fingers crossed.