June 06, 2007

Jumping, jumping

I seem to be going through a blink and another few days has flown by phase. Less than five weeks to Dallas now...when I first decided to go it was probably five months. Eeek. Time going too fast. Too much to do.

Unfortunately something that's not going too fast is the book. My muse is being a bit ADD, giving me snippets of scenes but not whole scenes. At least not easily. I've jumped ahead a bit because I can't quite work out a transition. I know what has to happen to set up the climax and the ending but not sure how to get there.

Hopefully a brilliant answer is about to materialise...otherwise my first draft will have a big chunk missing that says "stuff happens here until this happens". Scintillating prose if ever I saw it.

I saw Breach on the weekend which was a cool little quiet thriller. And freakily contained references at the end to a supermax prison. Which is a concept apparently invented in Australia (yay, us...er, maybe) and one that I had only heard of for the first time about thirty minutes before I left to go to the movie when I was doing book research. Sometimes synchronicity is a little weird. Things like that often happen when you write. Which is part of the cool stuff. Stuck on plot is not.

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