June 27, 2007

Back to the drawing board

I decided to entertain myself during my long, slow, wet (yay, we have rain but boo, this particular rain seems to be from the antarctic region, didn't stop to warm up any on the trip up to us and brought his buddy Mr freeze your butt off wind with him), drive home by turning on the trusty iPod via the radio and trying out one of the book soundtracks I put together on the weekend. My aim being to see if I could start shaking some story loose in my head.

Instead the conversation between me and the writer brain went something like this:

Me: Hey, this song is cool.
WB: Yes, yes it is. But that's a Wolf 3 song.
Me: Oh, okay. Hmmm. Yes, I see that.

Song changes

Me: How about this one, this is a great song.
WB: Great indeed. For those werewolves.
Me: Sheesh. How about you focus on the book we're trying to write?
WB: Phhhhbbbffffftttt

Song changes

Me: This one isn't a werewolf song.
WB: No. But it might be a (insert name of character from another book entirely) song.
Me: Gah!
WB: Don't blame me, you picked these songs.
Me: You were there, you could've helped.
WB: *looks away* *files nails*
Me: I think I'll take up macrame

Song changes

WB: You know, you really should do the soundtrack for (insert name of character from another book entirely). That would be cool.
Me: Perhaps if you told me what it was about?
WB: If you pick them, it will come.
Me: You need to look like the young Kevin Costner to to pull off that line, buddy.
WB: Oh ye of little faith
Me: Well, you weren't much help with the one we're listening to so far. How about you help with that?
WB: Phhhhbbbffffftttt

Song changes

Lather, rinse and repeat.

I think I've ended up with 4 songs so far that writer brain likes for this book (the soundtrack was intially 10 or so). And the start of a soundtrack for a book I'm in no way ready to write. And a nagging 'what the hell music works for (insert name of character from another book entirely)?' running through my head.

Bah humbug.

PS Suggestions for good witchy demon techno weirdness music accepted here : )


Bron said...

I'm no expert in 'good witchy demon techno weirdness music', but do you know about magnatunes.com? Heaps of quality music that you can listen to across a range of genres (techno, new age, world, classical, rock etc), and you can purchase albums inexpensively, with 50% of the purchase price going directly to the artists.

I bought an album recently from them, (Falling You's 'Touch') tracks of which are part of the 'soundtrack' for my current wip - wonderful haunting female vocals, just right for the mood in parts of the story.

Mel said...

Cool, thanks, Bron. Will check it out. Another place to feed the music addiction is always good : )