June 18, 2007


And tonight I'm announcing the arrival of a bouncing 357 page manuscript.

The book, eet iz done.

A little short for now, as always, but I'm confident it will thrive nicely and put on some length during the revision process. Which is sometime in the future that I'm refusing to think about just now.

Because now is all about the la la la, done done done, snoopy dance land of finished!

Non-writers don't quite understand what finishing a book feels like. I can't really describe it either, but trust me, it' s pretty damn good!

PS. Guess who's going to pick up her copy of Kushiel's Scion tomorrow? : )) Guilt free, I might add! That's right, me. Because I am done!


Julie Layne said...

Yay, Mel! Congrats!

Lisa Shearin said...

Congratulations on finishing your book!! I know what a relief that is; and as an added bonus, you get your life back for a while. ; ) I noticed you're reading Magic Lost, Trouble Found. Too cool! I do hope you're enjoying it.

Enjoy your rest and your reading -- you've earned it!

Take care!

Kez said...

yay for you! lots of chocolate and fizzy stuff next lulu meeting :)

Mel said...

Thanks gals, it's always a nice feeling and Lisa, yes, I thought it was great : )