May 27, 2007

Yo ho Yo Ho

Back from Pirates 3. The verdict? I loved it! I know it's gotten mixed reviews and even in our group of 7 there were varying opinions - interestingly the guys liked it less. And I think that's because it's very emotionally driven for a big swashbuckling adventure action movie. The motivations are all love and family and freedom and revenge rather than just 'let's blow some shit up'. With interesting results. But I found myself just sitting there smiling in sheer joy at several times during the film, just enjoying the big, audacious, all out, hell of a ride of it. And no, not just because Johnny as Jack completely RULES. Someone once pointed out to me that I like the Quest story, the impossible dream. And Pirates had always been about quests...multiple quests by the time we get to this installment. Quest heaven. Sue me but I like characters that aren't always black and white and complicated stories and betrayals and good things done for bad reasons and bad things done for good ones. Worlds where nothing's certain and there are big things at stake in personal ways.

Like Serenity, it's not perfect, there a few bits that maybe could change but I'd rather see someone go for the balls to the wall story and emotion and miss in a few places and whack it out of the park in most spots than play it safe and end up with boredom. Really Gore Verblinski had me at hello (and btw, the hello in this movie is not pretty and I really would suggest that this isn't such a kids film) and has yet to lose me. I would happily watch more Pirates movies. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'll see this at cinema at least once more. For one thing, Johnny. For another, Orlando is growing up just fine. For a third - COOLEST WEDDING EVER. And for a fourth , well stay for the end of the credits.

And if, in an alternate world, I can be marooned on one of those pretty, pretty islands with Cap'n Jack, that's just fine by me. In the meantime, I've got my own quest story to be playing with.

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