May 20, 2007

Sunday again

The rain is coming down, the inspiration not so much. The girls are still pondering Wolf 2 apparently. But that's okay, I'm distracting them by working on something else and listening to RWA tapes. Yesterday I even resorted to scrubbing floors - working on the theory that I could possibly bore the muse into playing along - but all I ended up with was clean floors and sore triceps (housework done the old fashioned way is an underrated form of exercise). Luckily the revision/rewrite seems to be something they're happy to play with so we'll go with that until they figure out whatever it is they need to figure out.

But it's been a good weekend in other ways. Catching up, eating out, watching Clark Gable (It happened One Night - cute), watching Jeremy Irons (Brideshead Revisited) and if you think that's a strange combination, then blame Quickflix. Somehow it's Sunday night again already. You'd think three day weekends would last longer but apparently not.

One good thing about Sunday night is that it's only 7 days to I'm off to see Johnny in Pirates 3 in Gold Class. Now that's a Sunday to look forward to!

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