May 28, 2007

It's not easy being orange

Apologies because this is a little blurry but I had to get a picture of what I found the orange cat doing tonight when I got home (he'd obviously been sleeping like this quite some time). And then of course he moved when I tried to take another.

Life's hard when you're orange. Obviously just knocking down the cushion to sleep on isn't comfy enough, no, there must also be stuffing of the butt into a shopping bag to keep one's delicate rear end warm.

The grey cat has expressed an opinion that there is too much orange mentioned here. To which I reply 'yes but he does so many more nutty things than you'. Which earned me A LOOK. So now she's probably plotting something.

And now, because I need to exercise, eat and write before I can look at any of the books the nice postman delivered, au revoir

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