May 04, 2007

May musings

Which must start with...MAY??? Already?? Oh dear. That's a third of the year done. Mind you, it's been a pretty exciting start to the year but still, a little slow down wouldn't hurt.

This week I have been writing the scene that won't end. It still won't end and it's kind of annoying. So I am going to work around it and skip to the next bit and come back and see if I can't finish it. I need to do something like 27 pages in the next three days to reach 60k by the end of the weekend. It's a busy weekend, so we'll see.

Apparently May also equals mail because things I've been ordering have been arriving (with more to come...yay!). I found a dress to wear to the GH ceremony so yay. At the moment it fits nicely but I'm joining the general lulu health kick and plan to be lighter in July. Luckily one of the lulus is a fabulous seamstress type as well as a fabulous writer so she can perform adjustments if required (only two months now...I'm so looking forward to it). Keri is back from RT and full of reports of adventures. I wanna go to RT. We shall see about next year.

I've also got my very own copy of Sunshine now, so I can read it again. After I get my pages done. Wednesday night turned into sit down and read Natural Born Charmer night. I blame House for being a repeat (stupid TV programmers) and well, the fact that Susan Elizabeth Phillips is fab.

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