March 08, 2007

What dreams may come

First of all, a big whopping full volume flat out WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO to Keri. Because Tempting Evil, the third Riley Jensen novel has debuted at #14 on the freaking NYT bestseller list (that is the name of the paper, you know, the freaking NYT : ) ).

Now I have a friend who's been on the NYT list TWICE!! Lovely to see lots of readers with such excellent taste.

In other less world beating news, the girls came up with an idea for the wip last weekend. An idea that made me go "eeek, but that's just mean". One that would take my heroine places she doesn't want to go. Which pretty much means I have to do it.

So while I was trying to work out exactly how one would do that, the girls turned contrary. They changed the subject. They demanded Buffy Season 7 and Love Actually and The Constant Gardner and Reign of Fire. They weren't much interested in writing much but they're circling it. Something tells me the girls are going dark.

They also let the other wips start talking again. Not quite shouting in my head five at a time like they were last year but chatting away quietly. To the point where a single gesture in a dream last night woke me up with a whole scene in one of them playing in my head. Something sad to go with the general queens of pain thing they seem to have going on. Luckily it was still there this morning and I got down a thousand words or so. Wrong wip but sometimes you've just got to go with it. And now that it's out and I've hunted through iTunes for some more music for that book to keep them happy, maybe they'll let me get on with Wolf 2. Into the deep dark woods. Let's hope they don't mind me carting a torch along something solid like Mulder and Sculler used to carry. I think I'll need it. It's a four day weekend here. Let's see what happens.

PS Keri rocks to the rockingest!!! Go buy her book.

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MelissaB said...

Now you, Mel (like Julie), will be added to my favorites. Thanks for re-posting your blog. It's fun to visit here again now that we are a few weeks into the course.


P.S. Also good inspiration for my own blogging efforts--Thanks!