March 26, 2007

Golden days

Apparently it’s the year of the fire pig in chinese astrology. The Golden Pig, as it’s also known. Now my chinese sign is the pig and therefore a fire pig which is generally a very good thing is an extra good thing. And so far that’s been the case.

Today is an extra golden day because I found out I’ve finalled twice!! in RWA’s Golden Heart Competition. Wolfy in the paranormal category and one of my category manuscripts for short contemporary. I’m kind of stunned but very thrilled. I’d hoped the wolf had a chance given it’s done well in comps so far but wasn’t expecting the short to final at all. Now Dallas will be extra exciting.

The only sad part in the tale is I missed the actual call (which was early morning here in Oz) because I was showering (and giving myself the ‘well you probably would have heard by now so not finalling is okay’ pep talk in the process). Luckily Karen Fox emailed me as well as left me a message on the machine so I have proof I’m not dreaming. And even better luck that I decided to check my email one last time before leaving for work because I hadn’t noticed the answering machine blinking at ALL. I might just wear out my answering machine playing back the message.

Big congrats also to Bronwyn Clarke, fellow Aussie, who finalled in the GH Romantic Suspense and our aussie RITA nominees, Barbara Hannay, Marion Lennox and Sara McKenzie.

In fact a big fat CONGRATS and WOOHOO to anyone who’s finalled in either comp because it’s a great achievement.

Now I’m off to have some champagne and just possibly play my message again : )


Keziah Hill said...

Wonderful news Mel! We'll be cheering you on!

D4md Rabbit said...

D4md Rabbit says Yay!
the burrow is overflowing with champers.