June 17, 2006

The road goes on and on

Or at least, the book does. So far this week, I've done 40 odd pages and edited still more. And I've got about forty pages to go I think. But it feels like more. Three big scenes. Books for me finish in one of two ways. Either it all pours out in a made burst (and earlier this week, this one felt like it was going to do that) or skirting around in stops and starts and ponderings. This one now feels like it's going to do that. A few more days hopefully. Even if I have to nail my butt to the chair. I know I've written a lot this week, I get a weird cramp in my little finger of my right hand. More glucosamine needed, I guess, cos I'm not stopping.

Not much else to report, due to said lots of writing. Took the orange cat to the vet for his anti-inflammatory shots for his dodgy knees. He always amuses me. He lurves his carrier. Jumps right in every time it appears. Doesn't blink when I shut the door. Everything is rosy. Until the moment I pick it up and head for the car. Then the yelling starts. Something along the lines of "What? You tricked me. Again. I was just getting in the nice box and now you're taking me somewhere. I hate going places. Let me ooooouuuuutttttt!" You'd think he'd remember that the box = going somewhere by now (after all, he's eleven and he's only ever gone to the vet or moved house in the box and those are both right at the bottom of the list of things that the orange cat enjoys. Waayyyy the hell at the bottom. I mean, he ended up on drugs to cope with moving house). Orange cat: high on good looks, low on good brains. But we loves him anyway.

Apart from that little adventure, I'm lacking in news. I have scored Chris Isaak tickets thanks to the lovely VT. Hugh, Chris and Robbie in one year. Yippeee, my inner groupie is very happy.

And, I just read on Anne Bishop's site (not procrastinating at all, nope) that she's planning another Black Jewels book. Double yippee. Only problem, not out until 2008. Wah and pout. But writing books takes a long time, believe me, I know this. And can feel like they're taking even longer. So I will be patient. Of course, it's freakin' mid-June already (I swear it's about 2 weeks since Christmas) so it'll be 2008 before we know it.

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