June 11, 2006

And now we add rain

It continues to be C.O.L.D here in Melbourne. This afternoon, for variety, we added rain. It's meant to be warmer when it rains. Something about lower clouds holding the heat in (so sue me, I'm not a meterologist). I guess that theory doesn't work when there was no heat to start with. I went outside (pre-rain) to prune some stuff in the garden and my fingers almost froze in about 2 minutes.

Yesterday was grey and foggy all day. Luckily I spent most of it inside at the ballet. Unluckily it was not the greatest Giselle I've ever seen. Not sure why. Giselle is one of those classic ballets that I think could lose the first act. Peasant girl goes made when evil man two times her. Yeah. Yeah. The second can be beautiful when it all comes together but yesterday it just didn't grab me. Maybe the sore back didn't help. The orange and poppy seed cake at lunch was good though.

Still the rain makes today a good day for sitting inside writing. Which I have done. 6 pages or so on the wip, another 4 or so on assignments. As there's nothing on TV tonight, I'll probably keep writing.

Still feels like hard work though. Having a tired day. Which has nothing to do with the fact I got sucked into watching movies on TV last night. Movies which I own on video or DVD so I could've gotten up and fast forwarded to the bits I was waiting for. But no. Stubborn brain would not do that. So latish to bed. And latish up. Which some days is fine but others, like today, feel like I didn't sleep much at all. And I thought I slept pretty well last night. I need to get the routine happening better. Having a week off always throws me out. I'm such a night owl but I have to be up early during the week if I'm going to exercise before work and that means turning the light out at a reasonable hour. Which I'm not so good at. On the weekends I slip into night-owl mode far too quickly. Not like my brother who likes to stay up until 3am, but 12, 12.30 ish. I'm probably better at doing 11.30 and sleeping until 8.30. That routine would suit me just fine if there wasn't the small matter of the day job. But if I let myself switch on weekends, it makes the weeks hard. Even when it's not 3 degrees in the morning.

So back to routine it is, despite tomorrow being a holiday. Including the exercise. I just did some. I'd been avoiding all day. When I finally got on the elliptical, the time flew by but it's taken me all day to get there. Gah. Tomorrow will be a better day, I hope. I'm heading into last quarter/third of the book which usually picks up speed for me. We'll see.

More pages tonight after dinner wakes me up. But first meditation and a quick grocery trip. I think I've committed the dreaded sin of running out of cat food. And that doesn't make for peaceful nights : )

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