November 07, 2009


Numfar (well, mostly me but Numfar in my mind) is doing the dance of joy. Because we can hereby declare draft zero done! Woot!

Those of you reading along will no that it's been a long sloggy writing year for me and there were times where I felt like I'd never finish another book. So to anyone feeling like that, I say, hang in there, keep writing, do whatever else you can to feed the muse and the words will turn up one day!

Progress - Lily

New pages - Twelve
Intriguing things - The ending made me cry. In a good way.
Annoyances - Can't be annoyed because it's DONE!
Linear/non-linear - Linear
Music - Angels - John Farnham
Location - Write or Die and Think.
Taking care of Mel - Soon to do exercises.
Muse food - Sewing. About to nap/read. Then dinner with the lovely lulus.

PS Doesn't that progress meter look nice at 100%? Excuse me while I stare at it awhile. And not as short as the last draft zero though I have a feeling it has a lot of growing to do yet. But that's a worry for another day : )


Eleni Konstantine said...

Yay for you Mel. Glad the novel that would not end is done! Have a great rest and dinner!! Cyber champers!

Mel said...

Thanks Eleni : )

Anonymous said...

Nothing feels better than finishing a book! WTG!

Wait, selling one might... ;)

Mel said...

Let's hope we both find out soon! *g*