November 14, 2009

A few hours later

Well, we have partial WIKTORY over the lavender behemoth.

It is pruned, if somewhat inelegantly.

Which only leaves the problem of what to do with the pruned bits which have somehow expanded to take up about five times more space than they did on the bushes.....

I could fill up my green waste bin about six weeks in a row with this little lot. Hmm, wonder if I know anyone with a mulcher.....then there'll only be the fun of getting out of my backyard thanks to the design genius who designed a backyard with no entrance except for THROUGH THE FRAKKING HOUSE!

And now I must go shower to stop as much of the itching as possible. As well as being allergic to mould there's some nasty sticky weed thing with little burrs in my grass that scratches you to let the mould in even better. We hates it, stupid weedses.

PS. Trust me, this counts as exercise for the day.

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