August 12, 2009

Off again

Tomorrow I'm off to the Romance Writers of Australia conference in Brisbane (lovely warmer-than-Melbourne Brisbane) then hanging out with a pal afterwards, so blogging may be scarce. I'm taking the little blue Acer but will see how much internet time I get.

Tweeting from la iPhone is more likely, methinks. Nothing else to report, have been in holiday mode of much reading, sleeping, the odd movie (Harry Potter and The Ugly Truth, both of which were a bit meh, though Harry better than the other one), seeing friends, shopping and now packing. Oh, and my dvd watching TV in the bedroom is dying...this is manifesting as the picture doing weird things that makes everyone look like they're standing in front of one of those funhouse mirrors. Normal top halves and teeny tiny little bottom halves. Which is often unintentionally hilarious.

Still puzzling over the wip, which makes for slow going. I think I must've taken a wrong turn somewhere but haven't yet figured out where. Oh well, maybe being around a couple of hundred writers for the next four days will help. If not, my pal will be dragged into brainstorming duty. Wiktory shall be mine!

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