August 18, 2009


I'm declaring myself an official fan of Byron Bay. It's pretty, it's sunny, it's warm, the beach is beautiful and I had a lovely lovely massage this afternoon plus they sell very good organic brie at the health food store. I'm sure it's less fun when inundated with tourists in the summer but as a little winter getaway, it's got definite appeal. Plus the place we're staying has free wi-fi and the little blue acer connected fine, hence blogging capabilities.

Between beach walking and pampering, there has also been some brainstorming going on and I have a good idea for the wip that might just give it the push it needs. Hopefully I can start playing with it over the next few days but right now, it's time for pre-dinner bubbles and then dinner can't rush things in a place like Byron after all!

I did remember to take some pictures today. Sadly, despite the approximately 3000 times I have said to myself since going to San Francisco last year that I need a USB card reader, I have not yet remembered to buy one. So pics will have to stay on the little camera until I get back.

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