November 30, 2007


Okay, who put the world on fast forward? Another week just flew by. Make that almost two weeks. I suppose when you throw in a weekend at the beach, parental birthdays, lots of work, christmas cake and pudding concocting (christmas - that can't be right, surely) and general running around, things fly past fast.

Of course, the fact that the suppliers of dvd crack have ponied up both Battlestar Galactica Series 3 and Gilmore Girls Series 7 and the muse wanted to rewatch Band of Brothers, means mucho quality couch time in between things. Though, sadly, I have not yet had time to re-watch POTC 3. And that is seriously wrong. Maybe I need a pirates marathon in between all the other marathons.

I'm not sure what the girls are cooking up but they keep giving me flashes and snippets. Still not that interested in letting me translate said snippets into work but at some point all of this refilling the well has to reach critical mass. Or else my brain will explode. And then I will not be able to do any christmas shopping and all will be bad. The only good thing about world fast forwarding is that I only have 10 work days left before lovely lovely holidays.

And now, because my brain probably can't come up with anything else coherent you should go check out Jenny Crusie's awesomely cute new dogs while I give myself a stern talking to about how I cannot have a puppy.

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