November 07, 2007


Five days went by and I didn't really blog. Bad me. On the plus side, I am one day into my gruelling two day week, this week. On the minus side, being back at work means my five day mini-vacation is all over. Wah.

The weekend in brief would go something like, exercise, housework, reading, HT folding, sleeping, reading, exercise, catch up with friends, eat lamb shanks, sleeping, reading, think about book, watch DVDs, have massage and facial, do RWA stuff, nap, think about book some more, exercise, sleeping, go for bike ride (discover you live in very hilly area and puff a lot), nap, write a little, reading, sleeping, coffee at borders with VT, shop a bit, write a bit, realise it's back to work tomorrow and say WAH.

So that was that. Today I tried a pilates reformer class for the first time and had fun...though I think my thigh muscles might disagree with me tomorrow. Good to try something new though and I'd like to keep doing it. Slowly getting back on the eat right, exercise regularly wagon so every thing helps.

And now, it's almost time for House, Wednesday night being TV night.

PS Body still not convinced re whole getting up hour earlier daylight savings thing but on a very mild late spring evening with lots of sun, I'm kind of starting to remember the good side to the whole idea : )

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