August 07, 2006

Oh the glamourous life

Another installment in 'weird things the orange cat has done'.

The other day he got himself into a little blue as he sometimes does (you'd think he'd learn that he never wins but this is the orange cat). So the last few days he's been a bit quiet and sorry for himself. I know the signs. It means he's nursing a bite or scratch. Which will turn into an abscess as cat bites usually do. Problem is, not much you can do about it until the abscess comes to a head.

So, like a good kitty mother, I have been checking him over each day to feel for scabs and lumps. Today I didn't need to check. Today he wandered past, tail in air and my brain thought "hmm, something not quite right there". Sure enough, on closer (and hotly contested) inspection, my darling orange cat has managed to get himself bitten just below his um, nether regions. A literal pain in the butt : ) One nicely developing abscess. Gross. I'd post a picture but trust me, it's probably something you don't want to see.

Even better, it just burst so I got to spend ten fun-packed minutes trying to bathe my cat's infected bits with hot salty water. As you can imagine, he didn't exactly express his undying appreciation. So off to the vet to hand over yet more of my hard earned dollars tomorrow to get them to check him out and pump him full of penicillin.

At least I'm off to the Romance Writers of Australia conference in three more sleeps (yet another reason the orange cat chooses now to manifest an illness or injury) for hopefully a hint of glamour, some bubbles, some gasbagging with friends and some inspiration. Oh, and some sunshine and warmth on the Gold Coast.

From cat's butts to cocktails in one week. Lucky me : )

PS Ewwww. And I love my disposable gloves. Lucky he's cute, that's all I can say.

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