August 23, 2006


As I may have mentioned before, the combination of virgo brain and writing is not always a good one. Sometimes the aforesaid virgo brain seems specifically designed to torture the writer bit. Like today. Today is one week after I sent my manuscript off. Mail from here to the UK takes roughly one week. So of course today the brain kicks in with "hmm, wonder if it's there yet? wonder how long it will take for them to read it? wonder what will happen?". Can we say "Gah"?

When I finally got the brain off the ridiculous calculations of postal speeds between Australia and England it moved onto "how long will it take to finish the wip?" calculations. You know, the sort where you go, if I write four pages a day that's 28 pages a week and 10 weeks to finish, or if I write 5 pages a day, that's 35 pages a week and 8 weeks to finish or if I could write 10 pages on a couple of days and five the rest I could do 45 pages a week....yeah yeah yeah. And if I could write 100 pages a day I'd write the darn book in less then a week and then my hands would fall off. Then we moved on to exactly what is happening with this wip and 2 other wips and then to 'cool possible titles for other wips'. Upshot being I need to breathe. To get back to calm. Not sure how to do that exactly but I'll let you know how it goes.

I don't know if this was what my brain was doing all night but I woke up feeling vaguely off and completely exhausted. Sometimes you should trust your instincts. Instead I hauled my butt off to work. Only to haul it back again just after lunch when exhausted morphed to exhausted with pounding head and queasy stomach. Having applied a two hour nap, I'm now back to mostly tired with vague headache. I prescribe a quiet night and more sleep then we'll see. Thankfully it's my short week at work so tomorrow is effectively Friday.

In other news BSG Series 2 rocked. But DVD designers need to work on their menu systems. What might seem like a cute way of selecting an episode or feature when you watch one or two in a row can quickly become cumbersome and annoying. Remember, you're catering for geeks here who will suck down a series faster than you can say "Launch the alert fighters". And make sure the music isn't annoying (hello, farscape)!

And the orange cat is stitch free and stupid collar free and has resumed normal programming. So I now get a two month break until we do it all over again. The grey cat is still refusing to take a decent picture but I offer you this. Which is kind of what it feels like in my head at the moment.

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