October 13, 2009

The top of the hill

Ta-da I have reached the half-way point (well, figured as halfway in my average first draft page count)! Hopefully it's all downhill and picking up speed from here to the end.

Progress - Lily

New pages - Seven
Intriguing things - More magic
Annoyances - all very talky at the moment
Linear/non-linear - Linear
Music - Soundtrack for the evening session
Location - At work at lunch, Word and Think at desk after work.
Taking care of Mel - Ate Bircher Muesli for brekky.
Muse food - NCIS later. Big Bang Theory now for geek giggles. There may have been some hero image googling *g*

I'd share but blogger doesn't want to let me upload a pic right now...you'll just have to imagine.

NB I am in denial about the fact that I don't actually seem to be at the halfway point in the book. la la la, fingers in ears, I can't hear you. Mel, queen of denial lives.


Robyn E said...

heh heh - BIG book by the sounds. And all those talky heady means lots of filly inny later. More words. lol

Mel said...

Sadly, that's probably true. Stick fingers in ears harder lol