October 25, 2009

Three days down.

Busy weekend. But yay, met the writing goal despite it. Plus did friend's 40th birthday party (a surprise party that was a suprise), japanese bathhouse, sewing prep for class next week and lots of other running around.

Looking forward to relaxing on the couch for a bit (and very much looking forward to upcoming five day weekend!)

I've now hit the two thirds mark for draft word count...let's hope this book is true to form and the last third is relatively speedy!

Progress - Lily

New pages - Five (plus six on Friday) (so yay, met the weekend goal!)
Intriguing things - Evil vamp is evil
Annoyances - Not enough time to write this weekend
Linear/non-linear - Non-linear
Music - Soundtrack. Though one repeated song at a time.
Location - Friday - Word and Think at desk. Today Write or Die desktop (which is cool).
Taking care of Mel - Stretching, physio exercises.
Muse food - Sewing, soundtrack tinkering


Tez Miller said...

Ooh, what's a Japanese bathhouse like?

Mel said...

Was great (once you adjust to the nekkid bit)! Felt very luxurious in big deep bath. Plus shiatsu at the end was icing on the cake