September 30, 2009

The switch

It's funny what will sometimes grab the muse's fancy. Was working on what is just a little transition scene tonight and suddenly the words were flowing (after a few days of not much happening on the writing front) and I wrote six pages in an hour. I wish I knew where that switch was that turns the word tap from trickle to flow but no-one wants to tell me. So we takes it as it comes. It's quite possible the whole thing will have to be slashed and burned at some point down the track but I'll take it for now : )

Progress - Lily

New pages - Six!
Intriguing things - Learning more about the magic system
Annoyances - Nothing major.
Linear/non-linear - Linear
Music - Soundtrack
Location - At the desk with Word and Think.
Taking care of Mel - hmmmm, lunchtime walk?
Muse food - There shall be NCIS with Chris O'Donnell later. He's not this hero but he's good inspirational fodder *g*

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