January 12, 2009

Happy Blog-o-versary to me!

A glimpse back at the archives tells me that I started this here little blog on 12 January 2006. Three years ago! My blog has apparently past the terrible twos and is into the even terribler (if my friends with small children are to be believed) threes : )

As this date coincides with my return to the day job, I'm not sure my brain is up to coming up with any deep and meaningful posts on the last three years or blogging in general so instead I'm going with Mel's meme of threes (feel free to join in - doesn't have to be your top three, just three of your favourites):

Three favourite colours: Cobalt blue, hot pink and aqua

Three favourite drinks: Lime and soda, magaritas, vanilla coke (when I'm allowing myself to drink coke)

Three favourite sounds: Cats purring, my friends laughing, the ocean

Three favourite books: Sunshine by Robin McKinley, Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie and Memory by Lois McMaster Bujold

Three favourite songs: One by U2, Heavenly Day by Patty Griffin, The One That Got Away by Pink

Three favourite celluloid men: Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Captain Jack Harkness (I sense a theme)

Three favourite foods: Lindt dark mint chocolate, fresh baked bread, guacamole

Three least favourite things: Big hairy spiders, the sound of my alarm clock, throwing up

Three favourite defunct TV shows: Buffy, Firefly, Coupling

Three favourite things about writing: Watching the progress meter get further along, solving a story problem, days when the pages flow and time vanishes

Three favourite current TV shows: Top Gear, Torchwood, Battlestar Galactica

Three favourite places: Scotland, my couch and the beach

Three favourite pastimes: Reading, writing, watching movies

Three words that describe you: Creative, smart, practical

Three favourite movies: Pirates of the Carribean, Field of Dreams, Stage Beauty

Three guilty pleasures: Cheesy sports/dance movies; slightly stale supermarket doughnuts, Gossip Girl

Three things you'd grab in a fire: Cats, computer, purse

Three favourite genres to read: Urban fantasy, regency historicals, romantic comedy

Three places you'd like to go: Tuscany, the Maldives, New York

Three favourite genres to write: Urban fantasy, paranormal romance, romantic comedy

Three random facts about yourself: I have two and half kidneys, I sing in the car, My legs itch when I peel potatoes.


Robyn E said...

three is a lovely number :-)

Carol said...

For people who live on opposite sides of the globe, we have a lot in common. Especially celluloid rogues and Bujold's Memory (I re-read it frequently as a self-indulgence.)

Loved the random facts! Here are 3 in return: I collect aliens, I've had two exchange students from Australia, and I love the constellation Orion.